Replica Louis Vuitton’s newest campaign is yours for the making


Remember the days of stately Louis Vuitton outlet trunks rolling off aeroplanes, ships, and trains covered in stickers of landmarks from far-away lands? This concept of transforming your luggage into a travelling postcard is coming back into fashion, courtesy of replica Louis Vuitton.

Stuck on you

Louis Vuitton’s new ‘Make It Yours’ campaign of patches and travel stickers applies a 21st-century twist to a nostalgic concept from the ‘good old days’. The fashion empire is offering five different collections to choose from, ranging from cars, lipstick, and headphones to ringed planets, initials, and —just as those of yesteryear — iconic landmarks from cities around the world, including London, Paris, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Miami, and more. With bright, neon colours, customers can set their replica handbags apart from all others and make them as personal as they like. Who knows, a new trend may emerge of comparing stickers on your favourite bag instead of stamps in your passport.

The New Louis Vuitton Replica Luggage Is a Vintage Lover’s Dream

Channel the golden age of travel on your next trip.

Retro-inspired patches add a touch of old-world civility to your carry-on.

Do you have a Google alert set for “Steamer Trunk”? Have you ever gone down a deep eBay hole in an attempt to find the luggage carried in The Darjeeling Limited? Do you find yourself longing for a golden age of travel, when men wore suits to fly First Class and women had leather carrying cases specifically designed for their hats?

As a nod to the brand’s heritage as the go-to luggage supplier for the fin-de-siècle jet set, Louis Vuitton replica just added a new service to their personalization program called “My LV World Tour,” which lets you customize certain replica handbags (including carry-on-friendly styles like their rolling suitcases, classic Speedy, the Neverfull tote, and the Keepall duffel) with fun, retro patches that make your bag look like it’s been across the Atlantic on the Q.E. II at least twice.

Choose from emblems featuring Grande Dame hotels like the Majestic in Paris and the King Edward in Hong Kong, or iconic images from cities around the world: Miami gets a cheerful pair of pink Flamingos, Rio a silhouette of Sugarloaf Mountain. You can even have one featuring your initials and a date—perhaps your birthday, wedding anniversary, or something to commemorate a particularly memorable trip.

Walk into any Vuitton boutique to pick out the patches you want on your bag (for certain styles, you can even choose the color of the lining and the leather trim), and then somewhere between 8-12 weeks later, you’ll have the vintage-inspired luggage of your Wes Andersonian dreams. We’d like to imagine that carrying it will add a touch of old-world civility to your next trip—almost as if the person next to you is sipping champagne instead of housing a crinkly bag of Pop Chips. Almost.