Replica Louis Vuitton’s newest campaign is yours for the making


Remember the days of stately Louis Vuitton outlet trunks rolling off aeroplanes, ships, and trains covered in stickers of landmarks from far-away lands? This concept of transforming your luggage into a travelling postcard is coming back into fashion, courtesy of replica Louis Vuitton.

Stuck on you

Louis Vuitton’s new ‘Make It Yours’ campaign of patches and travel stickers applies a 21st-century twist to a nostalgic concept from the ‘good old days’. The fashion empire is offering five different collections to choose from, ranging from cars, lipstick, and headphones to ringed planets, initials, and —just as those of yesteryear — iconic landmarks from cities around the world, including London, Paris, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Miami, and more. With bright, neon colours, customers can set their replica handbags apart from all others and make them as personal as they like. Who knows, a new trend may emerge of comparing stickers on your favourite bag instead of stamps in your passport.

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